Why Does Abortion Exist?

It’ s i9000 a free society and a modern entire world. People have a broad outlook to

life. People have a lifetime. Nobody thinks about the fetus though.

It is extremely disheartening to have cases where ladies and teenage girls do not respect the idea of fertility and the gift associated with reproduction that each one is born with. It is extremely important to understand how the concept of abortion plays an impact on the mind. Think about this. You might really not be able to reproduce or even plan a baby again! Just might be!!

Be it for the purpose of population manage or be it for the reasons associated with ‘ mistake’, there are a lot many reasons why abortion occurs. While a few might be justified, the majority of them are not.

Why do people slaughter infants even before they are born?

A lot of people want to just postpone the whole responsibility of bearing a child since it isn’ t the ‘ correct time’. Astonishing is another fact. People can get intimate for their entertainment but definitely think twice when it comes to affording an infant. Couldn’ t a condom have got ensured that this didn’ t take place? This is something that couples don’ big t understand and this is why ‘ child killingilligal baby killing exists’.

Even worse are cases, where the mother is just a teen and doesn’ t even understand the meaning of pregnancy. Intimate interactions before commitments, has been the rage off late and shall continue. Abortion is bound to occur as a result.

Married people can also require abortions. The reasons can be many. It might be if you are not sure if you want to live with your husband. Aborting the baby might seem to be the best way out. More often, if the couple is happily married and have two kids to look after already, they will say no to a third one and choose abortion.

There are cases where there may be chances that the mother stands a chance to lose out on wellness or her life, in certain intense cases, for which abortions are conducted too. While this kind of abortion can be justified, the couple needs to make sure that proper medical examination is done time to time to avoid such instances.

Only abort when necessary

2 Responses to “Why Does Abortion Exist?”

  • superdork:

    Most of the arguments “for” abortions are nonsense statements, and I want to hear from someone who has a REAL argument for abortions, and not that “they help as birth control” or other garbage.

    I also will welcome arguments against abortions since I believe in that.

  • Erfan:

    So i’m doing a persuasive speech on abortion next week. i am VERY VERY strongly pro-life, and i believe in pro-life in all circumstances. but i’m just curious about what everybody else believes and why… would you call yourself pro-life or pro-choice, and in what circumstances, and why? the more in detail you’d go, the better. i’m just a 15 year old who’s really curious. :)

    also, i asked another question like, 2 months ago and it’s been in voting for over a month now so if you could vote for it so that it could be resolved.. i would really appreciate it. lol

    <3 Ellie

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