Do Herbal Medicines Help To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Problem?

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  • sethburger:

    Today me and my girlfriend were getting VERY intimate on her floor and then realised there was someone watching from inside the room. After we laughed it off and the friend left, we started getting back. But I couldnt get an erection. And still cant :/ Trust me, we tried getting it to react with a lot of sexy stuff and it wont budge :S It’s just lying there.

    Any way to solve this? Will it go on its own? Or do I need a doctor?

    Im 17

  • Death Knight:

    one is prescription and one is supplement, which one should i take?

  • Jonny:

    I’m only 16, but I noticed that I started having weaker erections?
    What could’ve caused it? How to fix it?
    I’m panicking!! What to do?! Please Help!!!

  • United:

    I am 26 age, 10 years of masterbation 1 to 3 times daily & 1 year of merridge, now my penis has been vary week mussels are almost dead, even penis not hard at sex time & not stand up self, my penis need oil massage by lady partner to stand (hardness) for sex, plzz help me can I get a normal penis by using any Ayurvedic medicines, plzz help my sexual life almost ends
    I live in india mumbai

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